Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Week Down

I've made a huge mistake... I didn't read my scale correctly so my first weigh in was wrong! I was really 195 pounds and a BMI of 29.6. I guess my first part of training should be to learn to read scales accurately.

For this past week I've been riding my bike to work as often as possible and bringing my own lunch instead of buying stuff at the cafeteria that comes straight out of the fryer. Bringing lunch didn't matter since I didn't have many shifts long enough to require taking a lunch break. I was also informed by my girlfriend Erica that we would be participating in Fast Food Free February (FFFF), I had no say in this decision. The idea is to not eat at any fast food restaurants for the entire month of February. There aren't rules stated anywhere so we made our own. One was an exception for quick service restaurants that offered "healthy" choices.

Being a week in now (and being able to correctly read my scale) I am at a weight of 193 pounds and a BMI of 29.3. Woohoo!! -2 pounds! Not bad for just one week I guess, and this is just minor stuff. The bike riding will continue, but I'm not sure yet when I'll start doing longer rides or even working on my swimming and running (neither of which are my strong suit). I guess we'll see...

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