Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First Weigh In

As a way to track my progress I'll weigh myself and check my BMI. As of now I'm at a weight of 190 lbs. and a BMI of 28.9 which they categorize as overweight (I don't feel overweight). According to the BMI calculator on the CDC's website, a "normal" weight for my height (5'8") is somewhere between 122-164. My average weight through high school was somewhere around 180 (I think).

I assume these calculations could be a little off since it might not take muscle mass into account (it does weigh more than fat). My weight had stayed pretty consistent throughout high school even though I had stopped boxing since I was pretty involved in a lot of activities; JROTC, FFA, marching band, and a semester of volleyball. Then of course after graduation comes college and with it, the freshman 15. I wasn't so worried about my weight for these next few years because I felt good about my body and was casually going to the gym or taking a gym class. Then in 2010 I decided to do the National MS Society Pacific South Coast Chapter's Bike MS Ride for the 2nd year. It was a 100 mile bike ride whereas the year before I only did 30 miles. This was going to require a little more effort so I decided to train harder and track my progress, I weighed myself in sometime around summer and I was 205 pounds!

When the hell did this happen!? I had no idea but I was gonna fix it. Through training I dropped 20 lbs. in 3 months and weighed 185 on the day of the ride. I've been slowly floating around that range ever since. This story is also pretty important because this was the start of my cycling addiction and my eventual decision to do a triathlon.

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